Getting the most of USPS shipping discounts - the actionable guide

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April 9, 2023
Getting the most of USPS shipping discounts - the actionable guide
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Getting the most of USPS shipping discounts - the actionable guide

USPS is a known name when it comes to shipping. In the year 2021 alone, the company managed to successfully process 7.6 billion deliveries.

What makes them so efficient and reliable is their trusted network of logistics and simple delivery calculation fees. It's straightforward and, therefore, reliable and affordable for small business owners. Many other shipping carriers make you pay what they call accessorial fees. This includes the charge for extra services that are required to successfully deliver the item beyond the normal pick-up and delivery process.

As it varies from package to package, it's quite hard to predict what the accessorial fees would be and will be levied only when the shipment is completed. These ambiguous charges can break your back if you frequently send out packages.

With USPS, Not only are the delivery charges calculation simplified, but if you know the right tips and tricks, you can even get a huge discount on your total shipping fee. That’s exactly what we are going to discuss: How to get the most out of the USPS shipping discounts.

USPS Volume discounts

The most common discount that USPS offers is a volume discount. This pricing is meant to attract merchants and keep them around for the long term. With volume discounts, you will have a huge, noticeable discount only on our total shipping fee compared to the regular, standard rates.

However, to levy this discount, you will have to meet certain criteria:




Use USPS’ discounted service offerings

Most of the customers don’t know this, but USPS offers some special discounts to those who use priority mail and priority mail express. There are no criteria you have to fulfill. All you have to do is find an authorized partner and purchase the postage from them. The discount would be automatically applied to your final shipping and delivery fee.

Additional ways to reduce your shipping cost:

Always ask for discounts when you are shipping in bulk

Many couriers and that includes USPS, give you some discount when you ship in bulk. Don’t forget to specifically ask for it. Further, always reach out to your nearby courier outlet so that the officials will notice you.

Make use of the packaging provided by the courier agency

When you pack your goods using the package provided by the shipping agency, not only are you saving some bucks on the packaging materials, but also you can ensure that the package will reach the destination safely. Additionally, packing with the materials and boxes provided by the shipping agency will let you evade the dimensional cost that might add on if the package doesn’t meet their cut-off size criteria.

Bill the packages correctly and make a schedule

Even if you are qualified for the volume discounts, you might still incur some additional charges during the weekends or public holidays. Plan ahead when you are shipping the packages. Do it in bulk and choose a non-holiday date. This way, you can still stay within the discounted rate and not gather extra charges.

USPS Alternative for massive discounts - Shipixy

If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative to USPS that offers much more discounts and is always affordable, then Shipixy is your best bet. You can get savings of up to 60% on your shipping and delivery fees, and what’s even more interesting is that they give you a complete detailed online quote beforehand. If the weight and dimensions you entered are accurate, then that’s the only money you have to pay to get your items shipped.

You can easily schedule the pickup beforehand and drop off the package at one of your nearby locations. They also ship to around 190 countries in the world, and the live tracking feature means your package will always be on your site.

Final Thoughts

While USPS is a trusted and known name in the field of shipping and delivery, it doesn’t mean the agency is the one that provides maximum discounts. You can easily find better alternatives, like Shipixy, that offer you much more value for your money. Also you can also mix and match with the delivery agencies to find a routine that helps you significantly cut down on the courier charges.

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