Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Shipixy! Please Read Carefully and Keep a Copy of this Document for Your Records.

All Services provided by Shipixy for the Customer, shall be subject to the following terms and conditions.

1. Services by Third Parties:
2. Liability Limitations of Third Parties:
3. Choosing Routes or Agents:
4. Duty to Furnish Information:
5. Declaring Higher Valuation:
6. Insurance:
7. Limitation of $100 Per Shipment and for Pollution Damages:
8. Presenting Claims:
9. Liability of Company:
10. Advancing Money:
11. Indemnification for Freight Duties:
12. Sale of Perishable Goods:
13. C.O.D. Shipments:
14. General Lien on Any Property:
15. Compensation of Company:
16. Picking Up Shipments Or Samples:
17. No Responsibility for Governmental
18. Loss, Damage or Expense Due to Delay:
19. Construction of Terms and Venue:
20. Independent Contractor:
21. Inaccurate Information:
22. Billing Terms:
23. Governing Law: