How to pack and ship coffee - 3 options for all purposes from gifts and businesses

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May 8, 2023
How to pack and ship coffee - 3 options for all purposes from gifts and businesses
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To ensure coffee beans retain their flavor during shipping, pack them tightly in an airtight container, fill any empty space with cushioning, and choose expedited shipping options.
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How to pack and ship coffee - 3 options for all purposes from gifts and businesses

Coffee beans might seem almost indestructible, but the fact is if it's left uncared for, the beans undergo massive changes, and ultimately, it becomes useless. Therefore, it should be packed in the way coffee beans are meant to be packed, i.e., with less exposure to sunlight and moisture.

Here’s a detailed guide on how you can pack and ship the coffee/coffee beans so that it retains the flavor when it reaches the destination and stays long.

How to ship coffee safely for business

If you are a coffee business owner, then you might already be aware of the struggles. A true coffee lover can easily recognize the difference between the coffee beans the moment they take a sniff. So here’s how you have to pack the coffee beans:

1. Avoid any oxygen seeking in

The first thing to watch out for a while packing is to prevent oxygen contact. Sure there might be some contact when the coffee beans are processed, but if you want it to stay longer, then while packing, ensure that there aren't any holes through which air can seep in.

Bubble wrap the coffee bean packets and then arrange them tightly inside a container. This ensures that no air will seep into the packet. The tight packaging and the bubble wrap will take care of this.

2. Fill the empty spaces in the boxes with cushioning products

Even after using bubble wrap to wrap the coffee packet, there might be some space left between the packets. Fill it with cushioning, non-moisture retaining materials. You can use foam boards or foam pearls to fill in the air voids or whatever you find handy.

3. Go for expedited shipping options

When it comes to coffee beans, it's best that you don’t send them via the standard, slow, flat rate shipping process. If possible, go for overnight shipping and if that’s expensive, opt for the shipping methods that deliver the parcel within 1 or 2 business days.

How to safely ship coffee/coffee beans as a gift for your dear ones

You are sipping on some coffee made out of coffee beans that you found at a local store, and you are truly blown away. You decide to gift it to your loved one who lives some distance away from you. Well, here’s how you should pack the box so that the freshness is retained.

1. Pack your coffee beans in an airtight packet

Find an airtight packet. You can also use an airtight container if you aren’t sure of an airtight packet. No matter what, make sure not a bit of air passes to the coffee beans.

Don’t forget to bubble wrap your packet after sealing it. This bubble wrap layer makes the whole package extra air-tight.

2. Choose the right box size and send it via the fastest shipping option

Don’t just send the packet as it is. Instead, go down to the courier service center and enquire about the possible dimensions. Get a box that would perfectly accommodate the coffee packet you packed. Add in some eco-friendly packaging materials or whatever you find handy to ensure the package doesn’t move around.

Always send your food items through a faster shipping channel. As you have already opened the coffee beans and it isn’t professionally packed, the freshness won’t be retained for too long. Thus, to make sure that the recipient too enjoys the coffee beans just like you did, send it via a faster shipping method.

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s how you should pack and ship coffee beans so that it still remains fresh and produces delectable coffee shots when it reaches the recipient’s hands. Almost all delivery services provide faster shipping options for perishables. Make use of it to ship coffee. No matter if it's in coffee beans or powdered form, there’s an expiration to its freshness. So choose the shipping options wisely.

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