3 Reasons to ship your own gift for her and how to ship it safely

March 1, 2023

3 Reasons to ship your own gift for her and how to ship it safely

Are you planning to give your partner a special gift? Want it to be something personal and close to your heart, but worried about how you can make it a reality? Don’t worry; here’s a step-by-step guide on how to safely ship gifts for her.

Before we go any further, here are three reasons why you should consider curating a special personalized gift instead of relying on a gift service.

   1. Customized personal gifts are always close to your heart

Getting a gift made on your own is no easy feat. It requires a lot of planning, time, and effort. Your dedication and love for the person would be clearly visible in that gift package, and that’s what makes it special. If you find time to curate a gift for her during your busy schedule, that’s going to leave a lasting impression on her mind.

    2. Chance to include meaningful gifts and personalized messages

We all agree on the fact that pre-made gift cards are way old school, and it never expresses the true emotion. Your handwriting, along with some you made by yourself, will light her face up.

   3. Strengthens relationships and deepens the bonds

The best thing you can give your better half is your time and attention because it requires a lot of thought, time, and effort from your side. As it needs quite a bit of planning to make it happen, she will easily understand how much you think about her and value her in your life.

How to ship your personalized packages

Let’s face it. It's hard to send a courier and ensure it reaches the destination in one piece. The situation gets even harder when you have to send a customized care package. Well, here are some tips that will help you send the gift safely.

   1. Lots of impact-resistant packaging material is the key

Finding the right packaging material that’s going to protect your gift is the key here. Depending on the type of gift, choose the right packaging material. For example, if you plan to send a hand-painted glass painting, then lots of bubble wrap with foam padding is the answer. This ensures that the glass painting doesn't move in the box, and the bubble wrap will protect it in the event of unexpected falls. Further, label it fragile to ensure that the merchants handle it with utmost care.

You can also make use of cushioning materials like foam beads, newspaper, or old paper bags for some added support. These materials can easily seep into the corner of the box to provide a compact fit inside.

Additionally, choose the right box for your package. Check with your delivery service provider and get a box that rightly fits your package. Your gift should be tightly packed in so as to ensure that it doesn’t move around too much. Further, this also helps to reduce the foam board and size of the box, which in turn helps you save some penny on the shipping price.

   2. Always mention the right address

When you are delivering gifts for her, make sure you have labeled her address correctly to the point. If you know the coordinates to her house, then perfect. The more information, the better.

This ensures that the package reaches within the promised delivery date and won’t have to sit in the delivery warehouse for too long.

   3. Choose priority shipping and get the product insured if it is valuable

Well, if you have made handmade jewelry using real diamonds, then the gift is highly valuable in terms of monetary aspects, and probably would be a great idea to get it shipped in the priority shipping option and also insure it. This way, if the product gets damaged or stolen during the logistics, you will not have to bear the loss.

Final Thoughts

Voila, now you know why and how to send some cute, personalized delivery gifts for women in your life. Go ahead, and give your loved one something that both of you find meaningful. It will be truly worth your time and efforts, we promise!

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